Riesling from Scherwiller

Altitude :180 m.
Delimitation of surface area under progress.
The cadastral named locality of “Forstweg”, now included in this delimitation, was mentioned for its wine in a German document dating back from 1364. Prized by gourmets and brokers for nearly a century, the biggest wine traders in Alsace were pressed hard to get the Riesling from Scherwiller from our forefathers. These loamy, sandy and stony terroirs, with a high content of pebbles at depth mark the Riesling from Scherwiller with vivacity, distinction and elegance. The aromatic expression quickly reveals itself, with hints of Muscat, which become mineral after three years. That allows these Riesling wines to assert superb maturity and beautiful ageing.


East and South-East orientation.
Altitude from 187 to 260 m.
Alleged surface area of 3,255 ares. This terroir delimited for its orientation and soil is located below the Rittersberg. Granite erosion is more significant there, sands are loamy, finer and deeper. This is an early, warm and filtering terroir. Here, Riesling wines have distinction, they are highly typified and varietal. Gewurztraminer and Pinot Gris wines are fresh, fruity and full bodied. They are great laying down wines. Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc and Sylvaner wines present a supple and pleasant structure. Harvested at the right maturity, “Ortenberg” wines can be kept for 7 to 9 years.


East and South-East orientation.
Altitude from 210 to 280 m.
Delimited surface area of 4,818 ares. This area, delimited for its uniform geological nature made up of eroding granite, is located on the steep hillsides of the Ortenberg Massif, (Classed as Biotope). The average annual temperature is 8°C above the average of Alsace and average rainfall is 500 mm. Hence the summit, the Southern and Eastern slopes, particularly well exposed and protected from westerly winds, support a thermophilous and xerophilous (accustomed to drought) flora and fauna. The French prefectoral decree of December 1, 1989, protects this site. On this terroir, the lightness of the soil restricts yields and facilitates the accumulation of flavours within the grape’s pulp. The wines produced there distinguish themselves thanks to their fresh, mature and lemony acidity and its blended structure. On the palate, they reveal their elegance and smoothness. Riesling wines express themselves in hints of citrus fruits, exotic fruits, spices and an undeniable mineral character. The Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminer wines present exotic hints.


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